Human and technical resources

  And human resources management directly related to all levels of management at the facility, when the special human resource management available and supports the leadership qualities in the facility as well as the appropriate work environment of systems and laws, procedures and components are available, it will interact with the human element with those

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Needs of human resources planning

  any organization to HR lead from which activity you do, and it must be based organization to renew its numbers and different types of human resources.       And good qualities to determine appropriate numbers of workers carry out the activities to ensure the best possible manner, and at the lowest cost. The

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How to build confidence

    Most people are feeling insecure suffering at the moment, and perhaps frequent types of anxiety that affects individuals in institutions help to increase the sense of insecurity, and perhaps treatment is to build confidence by giving recognition, and raise the level tasks, as well as providing full information.     Reduce the sense

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20 Administrative mistakes

    Anyone who believes that can work alone and personnel management without the participation of others, that the administration is a joint operation.   Anyone who depends on CSG style commands and prohibitions, they proved unsuccessful methods may not reliable yet.   Put the right man in the right place administrative principle, and if

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10 mistakes committed by job seekers

act over-confident: Some young people think that they have a right to get anything they want whenever they want, which is printed output wrong educational behavior; it won such a share deal of wasteful cuddle when they were children. And when they grow up this son, this overconfidence reflected on his own style of interviewing

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