Effective Performance Review Training – 14-18 JUN 2015

BMC Training provides Effective Performance Review course [Management and Leadership] in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia on 14 – 18 JUN 2015

Code: (MNG102) – City: Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) – Start Date: (14-Jun-2015) – End Date: (18-Jun-2015) – Fees:3950 $

This course will feature:

  • How to design and introduce an effective performance appraisal scheme
  • Develop a checklist for preparing and implementing a formal appraisal scheme
  • The skills that managers, supervisors and team leaders need to be effective in performance appraisal
  • Making performance appraisal work in a multi-cultural environment
  • Evaluation and review of the system


By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Define several types of performance appraisal systems
  • Describe the purposes of performance appraisal from an individual’s and organisation’s point-of-view
  • Develop a plan for the effective implementation of an appraisal system
  • Question the role of performance appraisal in a multi-cultural environment
  • Assess the advantages and disadvantages of various appraisal methods



Key strategic success for organizations: Measuring Human Resources

The best way to measure human resource management strategy is to provide the best information on the financial impact of the programs, human resources, accounting and human resources expenses of at least 60% of the total number of corporate expenses, and have succeeded specialists in human resources to deepen our understanding of these issues and developed standards of human resources to provide powerful information for strategic and procedural contributions to the management of human resources, and has been applied in some business organizations, and we can find one example of this in Verzion, the largest telegraph operators, where it began several years ago in the use of 17 questions to assess the activities HR, questions have focused on several factors, such as the talent available, shrinking the volume of business, remembering plans, the distribution of HR services, return the company to invest and to agree on the staff, and this assessment has helped in the company’s supply consistently better understanding of cost / benefit pay offs for efforts human sources and the extent to which these efforts contribute to the achievement of the strategic goals of the company procedural Verzion.


The effective management of all resources – including human resources – important in determining the level of success of the organization to a large extent, though the extent to which organizations set goals and purposes of strategic impact on the effectiveness of these institutions, and I have many organizations have become increasingly aware of the importance of human resources in contributing to the achieve sustainable competitive advantages for the organization.


The human resources metrics are measures of private-indexed human resources management performance in the implementation of its activities and duties assigned to them, and these standards can be developed using the cost, quantity, quality …. etc.


There are characteristics of good standards of human resources such as collecting accurate information, and that the standards associated with strategic and procedural objectives and must be standards provide unexpected by the perpetrators as well as the results can be compared internally and externally, and finally should the results be directed human resources management efforts.


Fortunately, the development of information technology and human resources to make use of human resources metrics more available as well as perform calculations related in a short time.


I believe that the Arab organizations – including Saudi Arabia organizations – to reconsider the non-use of the standards of human resources, and the need to believe that human resources management in order to lead the strategic role it must use HR metrics that reflect the strategies and goals of the organization across several metrics, including: metrics that compare equations full work (Full FTES – time equiva lents) with organization standards.


Return on investment (ROI) Return on Investment is used scale (ROI) over a wide range to measure the contribution and the cost of human resources activities, and can also be used to show the time needed activities in order to conduct itself, the formula used to calculate the (ROI) is (A + B ROI) = C


A: The cost of a new operating system or enhancer for the time period.


B: the cost of one-time gain from the implementation.


C: the value of productivity gains and improvements in the time period.


Used (ROI) in most parts of the organization and needs to be calculated:


– Identify all the estimated / Cost truth.


– Determine the estimated / benefits truth.


– Account (ROI).


Economic Value Added Economic Value Added (EVA):


(EVA) economic value added is the net profit for the operation of the company after deducting the cost of capital, and you know the cost of capital as the lowest rate required of shareholders, when the company operates more than the cost of capital, it’s wealth for shareholders operate, and requires the entrance (EVA) all policies, procedures and standards and ways to use the capital as a criterion can be judged on its revenue.


Human Resources and balanced card cards HR and the balanced scorecard


One of the entrances effective to measure the strategic performance of the organization – including human resources departments – are balanced cards card, and that the use of this measure requires the strategic performance of the organization to measure in four aspects: the financial side, the internal operations of the project, the client, to learn and grow, and are each of the previous aspects calculation to determine whether the organization is progressing towards its strategic goals or not.


The use of balanced cards card requires spend enough big effort to determine the appropriate standards of human material in each of the four areas and how they relate to the success of the strategy of the organization time. One of the major companies that use this standard electrical Information Systems Inc. (Electric Data systems corporation)


Measuring Human Resources and Bench marking


HR Measurement and Benchmarking:


Benchmarking is one of the entrances to measure the effectiveness of human resources, also known as measuring the comparative performance which compares certain measures of performance in exchange for information on the same standards in other organizations, one of the diagnostic criteria that can be used to test the effectiveness of human resources for the scale Benchmarking the total cost of human resources represents a important sources of information in the collection each year by SHRM and the Bureau of National Affairs, using Benchmarking the effectiveness of human resources is determined by comparing the rates of better standards from year to year.


Checking accounts HR HR Audit:


Similar human resources accounts audit to audit the financial accounts means configurable search effort, which assesses the current rate of human resource management in an organization, and this audit is trying to assess the human resource activities in all areas of human resources (staffing, compensation, health, and safety …. etc.) so that management can identify areas for improvement regardless of time and effort in the measurement of human resources, the most important considerations is that the effectiveness and efficiency of human resources should be measured strictly by human resources staff and managers to contribute to the success of the organization. Will move our organizations and learn these secrets for success that are no longer secrets?

Human and technical resources


And human resources management directly related to all levels of management at the facility, when the special human resource management available and supports the leadership qualities in the facility as well as the appropriate work environment of systems and laws, procedures and components are available, it will interact with the human element with those of the environment on the one hand, and can the organization to achieve the primary goal to the presence of human resource management on the other hand. Known human resources management as performance events and management activities that are in the planning, organization and development and leadership, a management shall encourage and motivate staff to reach the highest level of productivity efficiently and effectively, and the combination of the facility and the employee in one direction and contribute to the achievement of the objectives of each.


At present, human resources management has become an essential part of installations, have developed and expanded to become a full management of human resources and contribute to the competitive position of the facility, as well as in profitability, as they contribute to the achievement of the objectives established by employing the skills and competencies and increase job satisfaction and self-fulfillment and contribute to the preservation of behavioral and public policy work ethic and adjust the process of change and to achieve a good level of performance through staff training and development programs and so on. It is also the department responsible for attracting individuals within the enterprise to create an effective and stable work force, as the efficiency of the administrative activities mainly rely on human resources management. The selection of individuals to fill the vacant places in the facilities must be based on sound scientific grounds until the availability of good talent capable of performance and giving outstanding, so necessary to follow the installations modern mechanism depends on availability of technical systems, and programs based on scientific grounds help staff selection process and assessment, in order to improve job performance and increase the productivity of human resources and achieve the best results for each facility based on the quality of services provided to the community. I have some public and private enterprises in the transition to the use of information technology in the performance of their activities and began its work, as the technology is a great mechanism to assess the quality and efficiency of human resources in organizations, and is the basis for the deal, including the provision of programs that help the human resources management and evaluation and to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the employee based on how the employee’s performance in the completion of his duties during specified in the system period, as it helps to choose the right employee for each job, what gives preference and proper utilization of human resources at the facility in an appropriate way, so we will find a marked improvement in the culture of improvement work performance, all of which will reflect positively to the beneficiaries of the services provided by the facility. Of course, the foundations of assessing the level of human resources vary from one facility to another for many reasons, the most important of the approved business strategy in each facility in the evaluation of human resources, and the vision, mission and objectives of the facility, in addition to used in each facility separately internal systems, although there was some similarity between governmental installations due to follow the laws and regulations are similar. Recently, some enterprises have sought to create a modern alternative technique for the management of human resources systems and evaluated to be more accurate and commensurate with global variables. For these modern technical characteristics and challenges and impediments to internal and external effect when the application and use

10 mistakes to be avoided in your workplace

  1. refused to ask for help, which betrays the spirit of teamwork, especially when the employee Debutante, as afraid to ask for help from experienced, which impedes the functioning of the company.


2 of excellence at the expense of the employer, especially the new employee, as it seeks to highlight all his skills in order to highlight it.


  1. late arrival. If the worker was forced to delay, then the duty required to provide a convincing excuse, because respect is the time of self-esteem, people, and the company and the community.


  1. refusal to learn from old colleagues who have experience.


  1. Fear of making mistakes, because no one is infallible. According to a saying of the late writer Kahlil Gibran: “It does not work does not make mistakes,” a condition that results in the error of the work not of weakness.


  1. lack of recognition error: the employee to admit error in going and offers an apology automatically, this indicates a strong personality.


  1. not carry cash or different opinions or reactions.


  1. bad behavior, as if angry quickly and screaming and cursing others.


  1. gossiping among staff that cause tension in the air and create hatred and hatred among them.


  1. Discrimination between generations: In most companies, there are four different age groups.

So, should the veteran employee with 70 years to talk to the employee novice aged 20 years in his own language, and vice versa.

advices to eliminate laziness in working hours

Offer in this article are some tips that will help you in the end this desire and disposal of having fun in mixed action desire to finish the tasks required of you to the fullest.


Sitting comfortably:

Not evaluating extended head to the computer screen to never take numbers and E-mails Sent Those session does not relieve the body, which helps in the development of a state of laziness and the desire to sleep, so a national Straighten your back on a comfortable chair back to be able to good breathing, which helps in the recovery of the different senses thereby enabling to carry out tasks functional without injury laziness.


Physical movement:

Sitting for a long time in front of computer screens and the files that contain the papers call you a look that is causing undoubtedly in the incidence of a state of laziness and the desire to sleep, so nationalist some kinetic activities between now and then, as if evaluating to eat a little water from the office away from the office a great distance or Seek the help of imaging paper located on the top floor of this untapped device to move your body and rid it of the state of laziness that haunted.


Talk with others:

National separation between each hour of work to make some conversations with others revitalize your mind and recreation for yourself, is not required should be doing telephone conversation only, but a national conversation colleagues at work as a form of entertainment between long working hours.



When approaching lunch national selection of snack and a hearty of the ability to do your job without feeling lazy and wanting to sleep, so as to collect the blood that carries oxygen in the stomach and not in the head, and this is what causes the case of gravity and unwillingness to engage in any activity, as you should be doing to mitigate the intake of sugars and stop request takeaway because they are high in calories, which are difficult to digest and Replace these snack foods prepared at home.


Water intake:

Water has a great proportion of oxygen, which the body needs to carry out the functions of thinking and motor activities, national water to eat or drink from time to time so that your body will benefit from the oxygen content which contain water and to activate your mind and your users .

Needs of human resources planning


any organization to HR lead from which activity you do, and it must be based organization to renew its numbers and different types of human resources.




And good qualities to determine appropriate numbers of workers carry out the activities to ensure the best possible manner, and at the lowest cost. The ill this selection means the existence of labor is not appropriate in the business and jobs, and the presence of numbers is also suitable for them, eventually leading to disruption of work, and increase the cost of labor for what it should be.



And supports the needs of human resource planning on a simple comparison between what is required of labor and what is on offer, including within the organization.



If the result of the comparison is a surplus in the labor organization shall dispose of them [to get rid of them, but if the result is a deficit, it must be supplied.



What human resources planning: human resource planning is to try to determine the needs of the organization of the worlds during a certain period of time, which is the period covered by the planning, the year usually. In short, the human resources planning basically means to determine the number and type of labor required during the plan period.



The importance of human resource planning:



1 helps human resources planning to prevent sudden disruptions in the production line for the project implementation.



2 helps human resources planning to get rid of the excess fill the deficit.



3 is human resource planning by a lot of the functions of personnel management.



4 helps human resources planning on career planning for employees as it involves identifying training, transportation, and entertainment activities.



5 helps the available work force analysis to know the reasons for leaving the service or the survival and the extent of satisfaction with work.



The planning of human resources? The burden of planning for human resources within the project is located either on personnel management and affairs of the Worlds [Administrative Affairs, or the basic units of production and implementation of the project.



Required labor Analysis: This step involves determining wanted workers and that the prediction of human resources required in terms of the number, quality and efficiency.



First, the factors affecting the prediction of employment:



1 Determine the required functions: the executives should ask themselves whether, for example, functions prescribed in the current plan is required to do? Is it possible to dispense with some of the jobs? Is it possible to integrate some of the functions together? Can the terms of reference for a particular job distributed to more than another job? Can shortcut work? Is it possible to dispense with some of the procedures and forms? And managers must bear in mind the extent of savings in effort and costs that can be achieved as a result.



2 Ensure that determine the functional decisions were sound manner: through some of the studies and methods in this area, examples include the following:



Work methods and studies.



Comparison with the departments or factories or other similar departments.



Study the extent of development in the productivity of workers and their impact on the number required.



Study the efficiency of equipment and techniques required number of employees.



  1. Ensure that the operating functions capable of performance: Failure to possess working skills necessary to perform their jobs to low productivity and capacity, which must be compensated through the appointment of more workers in the same job, and lead it to the accumulation of the number of workers do not need them to perform work certain.



And perform upgrades to the function or transport them to the same effect sometimes if an employee who has been promoted or transferred unearned skills and capabilities required not.



4 determine the effect of the location in the volume of production must be considering a plan to work or production plan or implementation projects included in the new year plan, or budget to find out how to be development in the structure of employment in terms of their quality and their numbers.



5 to determine the impact of the expected change in production technology: There is a high technology can replace staff level, and on the company to take its decision based on the yield, cost, and state policy.



6 to determine the impact of the expected change in the functional structure: come on organizations periods to change the regulation which, if are merged departments, or the liquidation of entire sections, or melt work department in another department, or making a new section of Old section and making new jobs, and dispense with the other functions .



7 to determine the impact of new investments: Successful organizations seeking to design strategic plans and long-term plans for the future explains flowing to the project trends, and paint his picture in the future, and the type of products, and quality, and the nature of their relationship to the market and competitors, consumers, and also explains the most important capital investment, and technological shifts.



Secondly, ways to predict the required employment:



There are many ways to predict the required employment:



1 experts and managers estimate:



This method is the simplest way, where managers are required to look at the past, and study the evolution of the employment size over the years, and then look to the future in an attempt to identify the shape of the project. Accordingly, using their intuition Profile in determining the volume of employment in the organization as a whole, and in each section separately.



2 employment attributed to the production and sales:



Here are the top management to link the volume of employment in one of the old elements of the relationship, and examples related to the size of employment and sales volume and the volume of production elements.



3 estimate by the business units and production:



The departments and business units managers, beginning from the lowest organizational levels appreciated their employment during the next plan.



4 Analysis of the workload in the future:



Managers perform this analysis for each function separately. This is determined by knowing all of the overall workload in each job, and the burden of work that can be done within the normal function of the individual, according to the following equation:




How to build confidence



Most people are feeling insecure suffering at the moment, and perhaps frequent types of anxiety that affects individuals in institutions help to increase the sense of insecurity, and perhaps treatment is to build confidence by giving recognition, and raise the level tasks, as well as providing full information.



Reduce the sense of insecurity

Some individuals can hide their feelings of insecurity are better than others, but should not be fooled, every one of us needs to hear acclaimed for his performance and that people not respect him, for what it is and what his work, as well as for his work. The praise is a very effective method, but very economical, to improve the sense of confidence, but we must make sure that the praise is in order, and then we can form a panegyric style according to the circumstances.



Welcome input

We must uphold a sense of confidence to everyone, especially the most conservative among individuals, and by allowing everyone to speak at meetings, each in his turn.


Encourage individuals capabilities

Perhaps one of the most dangerous thing leads to lack of self-confidence, is to prevent individuals from seeking to address the new challenges at work, but sometimes not accepted. Even individuals who enjoy a degree of self-employed not only a small percentage of the entire effort or abilities confidence. We must encourage our employees to believe in their abilities by giving them additional tasks. For example: You can assign them responsibility for committees dealing with important issues, and in this case, we should not accept a response such as: I’m not good at that business, they usually lurk in the subconscious of the lack of participation.


Read body language

The external appearance of the individual often gives insight about emotions. It may be an employee who uses the language indicator on defense and passive behavior, also expresses a feeling of insecurity.


The exclusion of fear

Individuals suffering many types of fear, such as fear of personal failure, fear of failure of the institution or change departments, or the fear of possible adverse results when the change, and is all of those irrational fears, it facilitates the satisfaction of which some thing through the full and frank and open communication between individuals and groups, but do not exclude College. The exacerbates those fears some secret departments that use fear as a means to control individuals. But if we exclude the fear we will find that confidence and optimism, and good all lead to much more effective in the workplace.


Provide Post

Derive confidence in the work of genuine participation site, and only happens when it can staff – at the individual level or through groups – to share information, and therefore have a real impact on the course of events, and be advantages in this democratic state, stimulating, and process. Studies have shown that productivity is less when functions are described in considerable scrutiny, compared to cases in which individuals are allowed to contribute in their own way to achieve personal goals.



Points we remember:

To step back and allow others to take leadership and initiative and help us help our employees to feel confident.

Declaration insecurity moves to the team like an epidemic.

Failure authentication and always make sure to lower morale.

It is important to inform individuals developments in the enterprise quickly and honestly

20 Administrative mistakes



  1. Anyone who believes that can work alone and personnel management without the participation of others, that the administration is a joint operation.


  1. Anyone who depends on CSG style commands and prohibitions, they proved unsuccessful methods may not reliable yet.


  1. Put the right man in the right place administrative principle, and if you look at the sectors of government and saw a specialist in biochemistry works in charge of public relations, know to what extent spoiled departments ..


  1. [Director in the office]: sentence should end up dealing and use completely in all business segments.


  1. Do not treat your staff that they are children, give them at completion and prevent them when the error, but look in the wrong reasons and look for the achievement factors, and then quite a stimulation or punishment.


  1. stimulation may cause some positives, but it alone does not create progress.


  1. Using intimidate workers from punishment – may produce little to get some work done, but it is not suitable way to improve the standard of quality.


  1. The principle of equality has been unfair to a lot of talent, but the principle of justice does not oppress anyone … The difference between equality and justice require that the equality of everyone in the settlement of tender and prevention despite the different abilities and qualities, but the Justice gives each of his rights.


  1. selection boards should be careful as an option boards ministries in each country, they are a class due to the decision in the institutions.


  1. misses every manager does not depend on work teams in the required tasks that rely on individuals and could cause whatsoever individuals Nabgan palaces … !!


  1. Do not stop at silently Members to deduce their consent, often more than one object to another object to speak with silence.


  1. Beware of temporary method of persuasion, or referral to other times to pass resolutions … it’s kind of dictatorship disguised. !!!


  1. Do not make premature judgments on a whatever you have evidence or documents against him before you sit down with him and hear him and know his point of view and discuss with him !! Had the judges issue verdicts on the party without hearing from the other side of injustice prevailed among humans, how much of a strong argument Shack in how many documents were fabricated.


  1. Do not give up the tradition, but when the deficit for Innovation, Innovation and function of the commander of the others waiting for him.


  1. Do not define priorities for action on the basis of individual vision, and the setting of priorities when the emergence of emergency problems of the hidden administrative errors …


  1. Do not make work away from the actual application plan, this is the way to certain failure, but Mark your business plan is for all your movements and your actions and your decisions based.


  1. If you want to get out on the action plan does not do, but place a new business plan that takes into account new developments.


  1. Director without planning means failure of our work, not accepted pursuant before you place a plan and do not wait the success of the work is planned.


  1. prioritize your focus means not just written on paper.


  1. The future vision for business success in driving variables to take evidence and lack of vision deficiencies guide

8 advices to gain practical experience


Here are some ideas that tells us the career guidance experts: Lynn Taylor, and Dr. Katherine Brooks, Nicole Williams, to avoid this dilemma:


  1. Volunteering:


Linked to the site found that 1 out of every 5 managers, see volunteer work experience is a valuable asset in the CV when selecting candidates for a job. Williams says: “A lot of business owners believe that volunteering is the spirit of initiative and skills development.” As Williams explains that most people look at volunteering that provide services to individuals; such as teaching children or visit the elderly. But this is only part of the volunteer. You will want to get hands-on experience in accounting, for example, try to find a non-profit organization and a local organization, to volunteer with the accounting team.


  1. Find an internship or temporary work programs:


Williams found that in-house training programs are not only for students, but is at the present time like a job from which freshmen. She adds: “You need to think about how to turn this experience into an opportunity to bring income later. There are three parts to this equation: the passion, skills and social relations.” Therefore, look for something you find yourself really interested, and make sure that the development of this opportunity skills that you need to get the work you want. And do not forget to take advantage of this opportunity to build a social network as well. Williams explains: “The majority of jobs come through relationships that adopted.”


  1. Do not underestimate the university of your experience:


The biggest problem at college students, is playing down of significant achievements and experiences obtained during the years of the study; such as collecting donations and organizing the annual ceremony for graduates, they are all practical experience. Williams adds: “Make a list of all the activities in which I participated, and the tasks that you made during the period of study at the university, and then drafted in the form of real work experience.” Brooks also proposes to add courses that require you to go the extra mile, more than just reading, listening and progress for the exams. She says: “Did you conduct research or surveys on the number of people? Or write an extensive research study or laboratory experiments? Or submit a report to your colleagues in the classroom? You can write your experience classroom the same way that you write out your experience in your resume.”


  1. Use social media:


Taylor believes that the use of social media and groups Linked seen as much of the people you’re looking for a job. Williams adds, saying: “I strongly support the idea of using LinkedIn to connect with people who are difficult to communicate with them personally in your daily life.” Therefore, an account set up at this location, and continue with the application you want to continue personal and professional at the same time, to give the impression that you are looking within certain criteria to communicate with specific people. The combination of research and initiative, is a great way to get the business you’re looking for.


  1. you interest in any activity leading:


What projects or activities that you made yourself? Are you giving private lessons for some students? Friend or repaired computer device? Or even repaired your car yourself? Brooks only view these activities may give you the opportunity to engage in a small pilot project.


  1. communicate with others through social network:


Williams believes that when he does not have enough experience, the solution is to build social relationships with people who can vouch Bjaddartk and your nomination for a job. She adds: “We must communicate with the people around you in your daily life on a permanent basis.” Also, try to take the initiative to talk with others always, have a dialogue with a person who performs what to provide for you through it a chance.


  1. Ask for help professors:


If you do a search for a professor at the university previously, or you have a good relationship with someone, you can use it as a reference, to help you when applying for jobs.


  1. Take a leadership role:


According to the opinion of Brooks, you if you belong to any group or organization, then the leadership role by organizing an event or effective leadership or project; adherents to look positively to the business people, leaders, especially if their expertise in this area involving real content.